About Us

TherapyWorks Cincinnati is a multidisciplinary pediatric therapy practice offering occupational, feeding and speech language therapies as well as educational services. Therapy and educational services are provided in our family-friendly setting.

TherapyWorks Cincinnati was founded in 2007 while Carrie Steenbergen was employed in public schools and started seeing children in the summer and after school. Shortly after, she began contracting with the state of Kentucky to be a First Steps early intervention SLP. Carrie saw a great need for additional speech therapy providers and started to bring other SLPs on board to help serve the Northern Kentucky area. In 2018, Carrie signed her first lease on a small, one room office in Blue Ash. Within nine months, she expanded to a larger space and then again several months later when the office next door became available. The expansion allowed for more than one therapist to be serving children at a time. In November of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Carrie took the plunge in renovating her dream space to allow multiple clinicians to be on site at one time. Carrie loves the new space and hopes you do too.

Our philosophy

At TherapyWorks Cincinnati, building relationships with our clients is at the forefront of our work. Strong rapport has a significant and positive impact on progress, and our goal is to deliver evidence-based therapy that affects meaningful and lasting growth.

Our holistic, individualized service plans utilize data from the assessment/evaluation process and prioritizes targets to help the client develop important skills, build confidence and improve their quality of life. When appropriate, we encourage family members to be active participants in the evaluation, goal setting and progress monitoring process. We include parent training and home programs for maximal results.

We also understand the power of using fun and creative activities to provide rewarding educational and therapy sessions. We skillfully incorporate “play-based” therapy into all of our sessions.

Our team is dedicated and equipped to provide individualized therapy and educational services to the client and incorporate their interests into our dynamic interventions. Our passion for providing the best possible outcome will show in our therapy and educational services.

We believe in a relationship-based model centered on respect and dignity. By presuming competence in all of our clients, clinicians create an environment that fosters learning and the development of new skills.

TherapyWorks strives to be an advocate and ally for our clients and their families. We use the information we obtain from the neurodivergent and differently abled communities to better our own practices.