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Cancellations/No Show Policy 

We request at least 48 hours advance notice for cancellations; however, we do understand that illnesses and emergencies occur, so kindly give us as much advance notice as possible.

If 24 hours or less of notice is given, a $50.00 fee may be charged. If an appointment is scheduled and missed or if the therapist arrives at the home/school for a scheduled session and the client is not available (not home, ill), a $65.00 fee may be billed.

Frequent absences or no shows will result in being moved to an unsecured time slot within the therapist’s schedule. Two consecutive no shows or missed appointments will result in the client being removed from the schedule. 

Illness Policy

In order to prevent the spread of germs, we ask that you do not proceed with therapy if the client has a temperature of over 100 degrees, has vomiting, and/or has diarrhea.

Please carefully consider the health of others in the home, and if anyone has vomiting, diarrhea and/or a fever, we ask that you consider staying home.

Please note that we serve clients with weakened immune systems and significant medical conditions, so we ask you to be cautious and thoughtful about readiness for services.

We also ask that all clients have a temperature of less than 100 degrees without the use of fever reducing medications for at least 24 hours before receiving services.

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