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TherapyWorks Cincinnati is a therapist-owned private practice founded in 2007.

TherapyWorks provides speech and language therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy and educational services to children of all ages. Our experienced staff focuses on thorough assessment and a carefully crafted treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s needs.

We are committed to providing effective therapy and educational services in an engaging and fun environment. Our team includes speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, reading specialists and intervention specialists.

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The CDC has compiled a wonderful resource for parents to understand typical skill develop. Check it out to learn more about motor, communication, cognitive and social.emotional skills.

For speech and language development milestones visit ASHA.

The PROMPT Institute is dedicated to the investigation of tactual sensory systems and their critical role in the development/rehabilitation of speech, language, cognition and interaction. Learn more here.

For Feeding Milestones, check out the SOS Approach to Feeding Milestones page.

Feeding Therapy, Mother

“Our time with TherapyWorks was life-changing. My son made incredible strides with the resources and knowledge Carrie shared with us. The care and attention we received was more than I could have dreamed of.”